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Lets create simple, lasting, health and nutrition improvements!



Have your google searches sent you down a path of unrealistic and confusing diet and nutrition information? Look no further! Lets work together to get you accurate, evidence based, simple nutrition information that leads to REAL and LASTING positive changes! 

"Eat the cookie and the kale while forgetting about the scale!"


Meet Michelle

Welcome! Thanks for dropping in! 

I am Michelle Her, your Northern Ontario Dietitian dedicated to helping individuals and families create simple, lasting health and nutrition improvements. 


Looking to consult with a Dietitian? Lets get connected! 

Initial Nutrition Assessment

One on one personal review of diet and lifestyle.

The first step is meeting with me for a comprehensive review of your diet and health history. We will review your goals and create an action plan to get you started on the right track!

Meetings are currently taking place virtually through a secure Telemedicine platform. 


Follow-Up Nutrition Assessment

Continue to monitor your progress and expand knowledge.  

Keep yourself accountable and keep the momentum going until you feel comfortable with the lifestyle changes you have made. I typically recommend at least two follow up sessions, this recommendation varies based on your health status and nutrition concerns. 


Community or Corporate Workshop

Book a wellness workshop hosted by a Registered Dietitian!  

Please contact me for more information! We can create a workshop tailored to your community or work place! 

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